Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tea Farm in Chung San , Yilan County , Taiwan

Visit to Tea Farm in Yilan County , Taiwan

Tea Farm in Chungsan , Yilan County

Tea Farmer's home cum factory , tea tasting and sales center

Tea Farm in Chungsan , Yilan County

Tea tasting in Tea Farm in Chungsan ,Yilan , Taiwan

Enjoy the tea brewed by the Tea Farmer and owner's son.

He has been brewing and serving tea since 16 years old
- over 20 year's experience.

The right way to brew the oolong tea

This is the 30 year's old Oolong Tea

The tea are normally sold in vacuum packs

And placed in nice containers

This shops now pack the old Oolong in sachets
for convenient tea drinking

The green tea are normally spin dried and processed by the tumblers
The tea tumblers

This tea is over 30 years old - it is now worth NT3000 per Kati

The processed tea are normally stored in tin or porcelain containers.

The tea plant also grows the seed

The tea seed can be processed to make a tea oil

This Tea Farm has won many prizes - prize wining plague

This is for wining the Country's ( Taiwan ) award

The replica of the ship that brought the Farmer
to Yilan Province - about 6 centuries ago .

Comments :-

Tea farming is also very popular in the Yilan Province .

The tea breeds originated from cuttings brought over from China - mainly from the Fukien Province . There about 6 to 7 varieties of green tea cultivated in the Yilan Province .

The best tea is still reputed from those grown in Mountain and the hill slopes .

This Tea farm has been cultivating tea for about 6 centuries . The speciality of the farm is the Spring green tea ( young harvest ) - which is light green in texture , fragrant but slightly grippy in taste.

However the best tea is the matured tea - about 30 to 40 years old. The old tea has a dark color , heavier bodied , smooth and soothing ( kam ) taste .

The interesting discovery is that the tea plant grows seeds and this can be processed to make tea oil.

Yes , there are many tea farms all over Taiwan and visiting and enjoying tea tasting is one of the pleasures of the Taiwan people.

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