Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yilan's Icon - Mary Leu Studio , Sansin , Yilan County , Taiwan

Visit to Mary Leu's Studio in Sansing Township , Yilan County , Taiwan

Sansin ( 3 Stars ) Township , in Yilan County - Famous for the Spring Onion plants

Yilan's Icon Mary Leu's Fine Art Craving studio in Sansing , Yilan County

Humble signage and entrance to Mary Leu's studio cum tea house.

Mary Leu's history of her Fine Art and Craving .

Entrance to Mary Leu's Fine Art Carving Museum

English write up of Mary Leu's Fine Art and Carving -
extract from book published about her exquisite work and art.

Mary Leu 's work of art are focussed woodcarving , gold and glass creations.

Wood carving of a Lotus flower - extract from Brochure
as photos are not allowed in the Museum display .

A bunch or Lychees - all carved from one piece of wood

A bunch of Longans - note the fly

A rat enjoying peanuts

Annex to the Museum is the tea house and Crafts Sale Counter

The Tea House serves and sells an exquisite range of Puer Tea - from China.

70 year old tea from Yunnan , China

Welcome pickles - made in Yilan County

The visit to the Museum costs NT100 and the visitor is provided with
a welcome cup of house special brewed and aged Oolong tea.

Brochure of Mary Leu's Studio and Museum
There is now a display and sale shop in Jiaosi -
hot spring township in Yilan County

Mary Leu's beautiful business card

Mary Leu's contact and address -
check out - e

Comments ;-

We were on a visit to Sansin Township , Yilan County to view the famous Spring Onion and also the pear farm ( local named it as the General's pear ) .

Our friend introduced us to view a Famous wood craver and artist - Mary Leu .

We were so glad we visited the Museum and studio .

Mary Leu's museum and studio are a very simple and humble place and it not noticeable unless pointed out by the Locals.

The exhibits are exquisite and the wood carvings , gold and glass creations are out of this world. It is a pity that the visitors are not allowed to take photos of the works displayed .

The wood carving is very very impressive as all the intricate carvings are carved from a single piece of wood - yes a single piece of wood - no joints etc !

Yes , it was worth a visit and also a place to hunt for exquisite work of arts - all done by a master craftsperson and a genius .

A truly Icon of Yilan County , Taiwan .

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